COVID Feature


Due to the cancellation of the Business Excellence Awards this year, we are bridging the tradition by interviewing some past winners. We hope that you enjoy these interviews and take some wisdom from them. Many thanks to the participating Award winners for providing their time to participate in this discussion!


Giacomo Angelini, Partner, MNP LLP
The 2017 OGGI Young Professional Award winner settles the score in this post-COVID reality...


Dr. Bernardo Trigatti, B.Sc, PhD. McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences
Our 2013 Professional Excellence Award regales us with the importance of carrying on under difficult circumstances.


Sera Filice-Armenio, President & CEO, St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation
As a past Business Excellence Award winner, Sera Filice-Armenio was gracious enough to participate in a few email exchanges to give us a chance to catch up with her about life since receiving the Community Builder Award in 2016, and to tell us how she is coping during these trying times under COVID restrictions.


Charles Criminisi, Founder/Mediator/Arbitrator/Adjudicator, Criminisi Professional Corporation

Our 2018 Professional Excellence Award Award Winner...thank you Charles for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!



Brad Perco, Partner, Brownlow Partners Chartered Professional Accountants

Our 2013 Professional Excellence Award winner has a take on these unprecedented times.



John Capone PhD, Professor of Biochemistry at Western

Our 2012 Professional Excellence Award winner gives us a view of the pandemic from London, Ontario.



Vince Molinaro, President, Molinaro Group

We catch up with our 2016 Award of Distinction winner on how he and his company are coping with the new normal.



Ryan Barichello, Noterro (Technical Co-Founder) & LinxSmart (President)

The 2012 Oggi Under 40 Business Excellence Award winner shares his experiences during the times of COVID.