Vince Molinaro, President, Molinaro Group

As a past Business Excellence Award winner, Vince Molinaro was gracious enough to participate in a few email exchanges to give us a chance to catch up with him about his life since receiving his Award of Distinction in 2016, and to tell us how he and his company are coping with these trying times under COVID restrictions.


For those who are not familiar with you or the Molinaro Group, please explain, what does your business do?

A condominium and corporate building company with over 55 years of experience. The Molinaro Group has been extensively involved in the development and construction of over 10,000 residential units plus 1 million sq. ft. of commercial developments throughout Southern Ontario. In particular, Vince has in depth experience in the local market being Burlington as the premier high-rise condo developer. They have built 9 residential condominium buildings to date with one more currently under construction and several more in the development application stages.


Have there been any changes to your business or professional career since your award in 2016?

Not much has changed in terms of our business’ focus, however, we are extremely busy. Being a Builder/Developer is a long game so we are focused working on the projects we have in our pipeline, as well as finding the next developments for down the road.


What’s your primary source of inspiration and motivation?

My parents and the Italian community at large inspire and motivate me the most. I draw inspiration from our community because, most Italians (including my parents), came to this country with no money, and not familiar with the culture or language. However, they had persevered against great odds. They have set the lofty example of how a strong will and work ethic can make you achieve your dreams.


What or who do you attribute your success to?

I attribute my success to the lessons learned from the previous generations. They came with nothing and they were very successful in life...what excuse do we have to not repeat it for ourselves?


If you had one piece of advice for young professionals or young entrepreneurs what would that be?

The biggest piece of advice that I can offer is to get involved in the community and to volunteer outside of your own company or job. I have gained some of the greatest knowledge and made significant connections through my involvement with the Local and Provincial Homebuilders’ Associations, as well as the many charity Boards that I have been a part of.


What has helped you to get by during these unprecedented times of COVID?

The support of our employees and our business partners have been a great help during these difficult times. I’m pleased with how willing people are to help each other out as to get through this time together.


What professional legacy would you hope to leave behind?

I hope to be looked upon as a respected builder/developer who made a positive contribution to the community.


In addition to your professional legacy, what else do you want to be known for?

Community Building…and I don’t mean just our developments! We have been a part of many charity initiatives that we feel are an important part of the communities that we build.